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What Is Wrong with the Network Marketing and MLM Industry?

There’s nothing wrong with the Industry itself, it simply lacks the proper modular approach that takes realistic people to where they need to go. Somewhere, the ideology was lost and replaced by selfish acts and deeds. Network Marketing and Multi Level Marketing is about people helping others, in order to help you progress. There is no reward for stagnation or lack of motivation.

Would you send money to someone that you have never met, or do not know?

Yet people do this every day. That’s right, high yield investment programs which never deliver what they promise. Programs that do not have certifiable products. Hype, smoke and mirrors, false promises and rogue vendors are ruining the overall image of true network marketing and multi-level-marketing and turning it into a money game.

How much money have you wasted in past years on such programs? Most so-called networkers can tell you horror stories and most quit after a few years of what they describe as scams, pyramids and schemes. Yet most of these are not MLM ventures or Networking Marketing.

But why take up with such propositions? Businesses that have no track record, CEO’s that hide behind the ‘internet wall of shame’ and products that defy rational belief. In a few words, it’s called greed and gullibility. It is amazing how a speaker at a conference can whip up a frenzy in people and they go home believing what they have heard.

Get Rich Quick – Is it possible?

That depends on what you call quick. To me, personally, quick means faster than the growth of a traditional business model. When you consider that an offline business does not really show much till after a 3-year period, quick would be anything from 9-18 months. The people, who think they are going to do it faster, are most often the casualties of the network marketing and mlm industry.

Are you in business to make money or take money?

Those who choose a successful Network Marketing or MLM model and a solid, debt-free company to promote are most often the winners in this Industry. The network marketing and mlm models are based upon one thing. Sponsorship. Those who know about the responsibilities of sponsorship and invest in their downline, instead of their own self-interests are the people who emerge as winners.

‘Paying it Forward’ is the most successful marketing strategy that a person can employ, yet few are willing to do it. They invest in nonsensical schemes but are not willing to help those they sponsor progress. That is plain dumb. That is what is lacking and therein lays the major problem. We all want the same thing and that is why we join others in business.

Why people think that they must be ‘recruiter of the year’ to build a solid business, defeats me completely. If you are recruiting, you are not sponsoring. The person below you feels let down and drops out. So you go out and find another. Is that what people think network marketing and multi-level-marketing is all about?

If so, they are misguided. There are highly successful people in the network marketing and mlm Industry that have only ever sponsored three people. But they sponsored them, not recruited them. They helped those three to find their three. When they observed the help from above, their mindset altered. Now they are helping their three people to get their three people and so it progresses. A true Network Marketing or MLM success story in the making.

Network Marketing and Gold Coins – What’s Up With All This Gold Coin Business?

Do Network Marketing and Gold Coins really belong together? I saw a spot earlier about this rush to coins around the industry and I just had to write on this one. So what is it with the network marketing surge to gold coins? One reason, this is hot, hot, hot. Anyone who knows a little about economics knows we in the US are heading for a devaluing of the dollar. That is another way of saying hyper inflation in the US. That means our dollars could soon be worthless and gold coins do preserve wealth.

The gold coin thing takes advantage of a powerful trend in the economy today. Gold has been a way of preserving wealth over the centuries. With minor fluctuations, gold has always held its value. Unlike fiat currencies it has a value intrinsic within itself. Unfortunately, most people don’t have any wealth left these days, after they have lost their jobs and their “secure” 401Ks have been wiped out. Most folks need to worry about generating revenue and profit today. The real gold investors are not buying from network marketers; they are going through brokers that move millions of dollars in commodities each day.

Another thing, this is an educated guess, but I am sure the price of the gold coins that are being sold is above market value. Could gold go from $1000 an ounce to $3000 an ounce making it a tidy little investment? Absolutely! That’s a 300% increase and in business if you have a 10 to 15% ROI that’s considered pretty good. If you have the money and know people with that kind of money to invest, go into financial planning and carefully consider it before you push gold coins. Gold is an essential part of a balanced portfolio, but please do not give investing advice if you are not qualified. A 50 minute webinar does not count as qualified, sorry.

In contrast, I know a marketer who first came online in August or September, invested less than a few grand tops, more likely less than a grand and it has grown to around 95g or so and counting. That is a 9,500% increase in what about 4 or 5 months now? So who really has a better ROI? That’s what I thought.

It is better to go into what fits your expertise and it helps if it is powerful trend. One commodity exists that far surpasses gold or any investment on the market in the history of the world. That commodity is education. You don’t need to spend a dime to start learning and any money spent adding new skills with pay off exponentially. Create a true residual income with your brain.

I know this economy has really beaten everyone down in a major way. But, if you scan the market place and look for something that plays to your strengths and commit to learning the new skills necessary to excel, you will be the next business rock star. It doesn’t have to be network marketing, but it has to be something that fits you.